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INIA – Instituto Nacional de Innovación Agraria
Aims and activities of the organisation

The INIA-National Institute of Agricultural Innovation is a public research centre under the umbrella of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. It has the responsibility to design and implement the Peruvian Strategy of Agrarian Innovation.

INIA’s mission is to promote agricultural technological innovation in order to increase productivity and improve the levels of competitiveness, the enhancement of genetic resources as well as the sustainability of the agricultural production of Peru.
The general objective is to promote and implement activities that facilitate the development and strengthening of the national agricultural innovation of food security, as well as to increase the level of competitiveness of production-oriented agriculture, especially focused on the social inclusion of small and medium-sized producers.

INIA has 12 experimental stations, covering all the country’s agro-ecological zones. Field research areas include breeding, management, reproduction of livestock species such as alpacas, lamas, guinea pigs, and cattle.

The role of the organisation in the project

INIA is a full partner of the EDULIVE project and provides experience as link between research, higher education, producers and processors. INIA leads WP7 in the implementation phase II of the cooperation between universities and the livestock sector. In WP1, INIA contributes expertise on demands and needs of research organisations and sector stakeholders that should be included in university curricula on Animal Sciences. In WP2, INIA supports the establishment of cooperation mechanisms between universities and the sector. INIA has a double role as employer of graduates and collaborator with universities on research. The contact to the sector stakeholders is an asset for WP5 and WP7. In WP5 and WP7, INIA collaborates with Peruvian universities in higher education as internship host, expert lecturer and by offering field visit opportunities. In WP6 and WP8, INIA is part of the evaluation of new mechanisms and activities implemented by the EDULIVE project, providing lecturers and host experiences.


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Luis Julio César De Stefano Beltran

Agricultural Technological Development Office at INIA


Researcher, Professor
Course on Genomics
UPCH-Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

UNMSM-Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Louisiana State University

Cesar Osorio

Project Monitoring
Livestock Science Project, INIA

Animal Science Engineer

UNALM-Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina

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