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Michell & CIA S.A.
Aims and activities of the organisation

Michell y CIA is the leading company of the Alpaca industry in Peru. In 1931, the company was founded by Mr. Frank W. Michell. The Michell Group strategically integrates various production and processing steps of the Alpaca fiber industry. This includes Alpaca breeding and management, fiber classifying, scouring, carding, yarn spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving and hand tufted carpets. In addition, the Michell Group provides work to more than 2,500 people.

Mallkini is one of the largest private Alpaca farms in Peru, owned by the MICHELL GROUP, with over 3,000 hectars and more than 4,000 Alpacas. It is located in the heart of the Alpaca country Azangaro – province of Puno. At Mallkini, the MICHELL GROUP are committed to teaching and improving the breeding programs among the communities in Puno and, along with other Peruvian and foreign institutions, to improve the genetics of Alpaca in order to sustain the Alpaca industry in Peru in the years to come. As a breeding and genetics center, Mallkini has developed a series of induction programs from carefully selecting and purchasing the best Alpacas in the Peruvian Sierra, breeding techniques, nutrition, reproduction and research , with the sole objective of improving the fiber of the Alpacas in the Puno region.

The role of the organisation in the project

MICHELL is a full partner of the EDULIVE project and contributes to the entry point for the EDULIVE project’s direct involvement with large producers in the fiber sector of Peru. MICHELL represents future employers of graduates and clients of research in the project consortium. MICHELL is not leading a WP, but is involved in many. In WP1, MICHELL represents the needs and demands of private businesses in the livestock sector. It supports the consultation process and links the consortium to producers and business actors to integrate their opinions on the needs for university curricula in Animal Sciences. In WP2, MICHELL will be supporting the establishment of cooperation mechanisms in their role as private business partner. In WP5 and WP7, MICHELL will collaborate with Peruvian universities in higher education as internship host, expert lecturers and by offering field visit opportunities. In WP6 and WP8, MICHELL is part of the evaluation of new mechanisms and activities developed in the EDULIVE project.


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