What is the idea behind this project?

EDULIVE is a project aimed at improving university careers on Animal Science in Peru and Argentina, above all by connecting Higher Education with the livestock sector – as in research institutions and farming organizations. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences-BOKU in Austria, it focuses on the 18 project partners – 15 in South America, 3 in Europe.

The time period for the project is 3 years, from 2015 to 2018.

What are the contents and elements of the project?

To sum up what the project work consists in, here’s a graphic with the 4 big elements:

EDULIVE project parts

Cooperation and communication of universities and stakeholders in the livestock sector by
  • analyzing the status-quo of study programs, employment opportunities and requirements of stakeholders/potential employers
  • holding workshops to establish cooperation mechanisms
  • visits at South American universities by all project partners for networking, analyzing different circumstances and intercultural dialogue
  • running test and pilot internships, including supervision and evaluation
Upgrading all tools necessary for establishing the aspects in point 1 by
  • identifying the needs of each project partner – this is NOT a project of eurocentric perspective, based on the assumption that a developing country needs help from another country claiming to know what is best for them. It is meant to be a cooperation, benefitting from neutral comparison of different perspectives and circumstances whilst providing knowledge and technologies where requested.
  • improving logistics and purchasing or repairing equipment, from basics like internet connection and power supply to more laptops and cameras or even interactive whiteboards
Training of university staff by
  • sharing expertise in courses on topics like transversal skills (didactics, incorporating stakeholder requirements in the classroom), E-Learning and quality management
  • visits at European universities for intercultural dialogue and sharing of experience, ideas and handling of different circumstances.
Quality Management and Project Management
  • all steps of the project are carefully recorded by all project members and monitored on a regular basis to provide transparency.
  • Also, every project outcome gets a feedback and is evaluated; results are collected in reports, so the steps can build on one another and improvement becomes possible during and after the project.
  • Since transparency and collaboration are keywords in the project, dissemination is a big part of the project as well. Therefore, information, project data and results are made available on a regular basis on the website, social media and video contributions on youtube.


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