f.l.t.r.: Alfonso Burgos, Manager of Inca Tops. Enrique Flores Mariazza, Principal of La Molina.

big impact: MoU between UNALM and IncaTops

We are very proud to announce the Memorandum of Understanding between UNALM-Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina and Inca Tops. The MoU was signed on June 20th, as a direct result of our project Edulive. This is the foundation of a promising university and stakeholder collaboration in the field of alpaca breeding/keeping and animal science.

Inca Tops, a well-known wool company, founded in 1965, offer best quality tops and yarns in alpaca, wool, cotton and special blends. They create job opportunities, not only through their Social Responsibility Programs, keeping hand-knitting and other Andean traditions alive. Also, the world leading research and genetic center for alpacas “Pacomarca“ with its “Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca Network” is part of Inca Tops.

UNALM is the renowned National University for Agriculture in Lima, founded back in the twentieth century. With their many different study programs and their network of research centres  and regional development centres covering the main regions of Peru, their high quality offer is broad and diverse.

We are glad to see such results and impact and wish both parties a beneficial cooperation.



Successful meetings in Argentina and Peru

After workshops and meetings at UNSAAC in Cusco and UNALM in Lima, Peru, the project group of EDULIVE met in Argentina to visit the associated universities. Interesting workshops were held at the National University of Rosario and the University of Comahue in Neuquén: a great opportunity for the project team to work together closely, to personally get to know project partners and visit university facilities. The collaboration of representatives of the agricultural and livestock sector was especially beneficial. The EU delegation in Buenos Aires showed great interest in a short meeting and ensured their support. Despite heavy rain in Argentina, the journey was highly beneficial for both project content/development and the cooperation of the project members. We are looking forward to more meetings and workshops.

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