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DESCO-Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo
Aims and activities of the organisation

DESCO, a non-governmental developing organization, has been actively engaged in the development of Peru’s most rural areas for almost 50 years. With a head office in Lima – Peru’s capital – DESCO operates four regional program centers that act in different parts of the country, working on programs that enhance development in their region.
DESCO and its team are working on programs that involve social-economic and cultural development as well as improving production conditions. In the South Region of Peru, DESCO is promoting the use and manufacturing of alpaca products, milk, fruits and transformed products (wine, cheese etc.). DESCO’s goal is that its activities help increase family income and strengthen local businesses.
DESCO SUR runs the Center for development of Alpaca farmers in Toccra, a farm located in Arequipa, where training of farmers, applied research, and breeding programs for South American camelids are carried out. DESCO was a partner of the SUPREME and DECAMA international projects with universities from Italy, Germany, Argentina and Spain for developing alpaca production systems. Also, DESCO SUR carried out a project to technically support small dairy farmers in improving forage production, artificial insemination, genetics, and cheese production and commercialization.

The role of the organisation in the project

The Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo (DESCO) is a full partner of the EDULIVE project. DESCO is the entry point for the EDULIVE project’s direct involvement of small producers in Peru and, since the NGO is also a future employer of Animal Science graduates, it represents this sector in the project consortium. DESCO is not leading a WP, but is involved in many. In WP1, DESCO represents the needs and demands of NGOs working with farmers. It supports the consultation process and links the consortium to farmers to integrate their opinions on the needs for university curricula in Animal Sciences. In WP2, DESCO supports the establishment of cooperation mechanisms in their role as NGO. In WP5 and WP7, DESCO collaborates with Peruvian universities in higher education as internship host, expert lecturers and by offering field visit opportunities. In WP6 and WP8, DESCO is part of the evaluation of new mechanisms and activities implemented by the EDULIVE project.


Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo | León de la Fuente 110 | Lima | Peru |
Rodolfo Marquina Bernedo

DESCOSUR, regional program of DESCO

Emma Quina


Livestock Technical Advisor

Toccra Research and Extension Center

Project Management
Alpaca and dairy cattle Development Projects in Arequipa and Puno

Rosa Milagros Aguilar Calla

Veterinary, Environmental Engineer

Charcahuallata Research and Extension Center in Puno

Technical Advisor
in alpaca breeding

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