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FCA-UNR – Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Facultad de Ciencas Agrarias
Aims and activities of the organisation

The UNR-Rosario National University was created in 1968. The College of Agricultural Sciences (FCA-UNR) offers two undergraduate degree programs in:

  • Agricultural Engineering (Ingeniería Agronómica) and
  • Natural Resources (Licenciatura en Recursos Naturales)

as well as 7 graduate degree programs:

  • Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences (Doctorado en Ciencias Agrarias)
  • Master’s Degree on the Production of Small Ruminants (Maestría en Producción de Rumiantes Menores)
  • Master’s Degree in Handling and Conservation of Natural Resources (Maestría en Manejo y Conservación de Recursos Naturales)
  • Master’s Degree in Plant Genetics (Maestría en Genética Vegetal)
  • Specialization in Sustainable Animal Production Systems (Especialización en Sistemas de Producción Animal Sustentable)
  • Specialization in Seed Production (Especialización en Producción Semillas) and
  • Specialization in Bioinformatics (Especialización en Bioinformática).

The College has an Experimental Field Station of 507 ha, with Research and Productive Modules, which are representative of the main agricultural activities of the region. Its proximity to the classrooms and laboratories gives the Institution a unique particularity at national level, facilitating and supporting the activities of teaching, research and extension. Professors and teaching assistants are specialists in permanent training, most of whom are dedicated exclusively to academic activities, ensuring the continuous updating of the content offered to our students. The Curricula of most degrees have an integrated vision, implementing pre-professional practices, field work and laboratory practices as mandatory curriculum requirements. This way, UNR tries to make sure their graduates are professionals who know the real problems experienced by society.

The mission is to train students focused pn strong ethical, professional and personal development, to generate scientific and technological knowledge while extending it to the community – with the goal of promoting the regional and national development. The vision is to have an institution that produces graduates with academic excellence, leadership and the ability to work in the society.

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The role of the organisation in the project

The Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR) is a full partner and target organization of the EDULIVE project. As leader of Work Package (WP) 8, UNR is responsible for overseeing the second evaluation of the activities implemented by the EDULIVE project. As one of EDULIVE’s target organizations, UNR is involved in all other work packages. In WP1, UNR is target of the stakeholder consultation on study programs, but also provides feedback to Peruvian universities. During WP2, UNR uses its contacts to the national agricultural research organization and the livestock sector at large to contribute to the establishment of cooperation mechanisms. UNR lecturers are target of WP4, but UNR also shares its experience in teaching with other Argentinian and Peruvian partner universities. In WP5 and WP7, UNR cooperates with the livestock sector partners in higher education. UNR is involved in the evaluation of new mechanisms and activities implemented by the EDULIVE project (WP6), sharing the experience of a target organization.


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Dr. Liliana Picardi

Senior Researcher
UNR-Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Coordinator, Teacher, Thesis Adviser
Postgraduate Courses at UNR and nationwide

Counsel for Postgraduate Agronomy School
UDELAR-University of the Republic of Uruguay

«Magrario» – new ovine biotype for the Pampa Humeda region in Argentina


Mónico De Nicola

Senior Researcher
UNR-National University of Rosario

Course on Rural Extension, UNR and nationally

Agrarian Engineer, Magister in Rural Social Studies

different works of extension in the agro-alimentary sector

Areas of Expertise:
Rural Sociology and Extension,
Quality in the Agro-alimentary System

Dr. Gustavo Rodríguez

CONICET-National Council of Science and Technology

Assistant Professor, Thesis Adviser
UNR-Rosario National University

Areas of Expertise:
Molecular Breeding,

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