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FACA-UNCo Universidad Nacional del Comahue – Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias
Aims and activities of the organisation

The UNCo-National University of Comahue was founded in 1971. At the FCA-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, one Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering and four Master programs are offered:

  • Masters in Small Ruminant Production
  • Master of Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology
  • Specialization in Groundwater Pollution and
  • Specialization in Surface Water Quality

The Faculty aims at graduates with appropriate scientific and technical knowledge, able to integrate the various agricultural production processes in order to increase productivity and sustainability. Intentions are to grant an analytical, systemic and comprehensive training, providing the tools for critical thinking, understanding and transforming of agricultural production as part of the social and economic development of the country and the region. FCA-UNCo aims to teach basic and professional knowledge to enable the graduate to detect, investigate and resolve scientific and technological problems of the area, based on a systemic and interdisciplinary approach. The Faculty’s aim is the formation of graduates who can discern and act appropriately upon issues of work life, linked to the issues of the Science-Technology-Society and Environment.

The institution provides the knowledge and tools for:

  • technical advice to independent producers, producer groups and / or companies
  • participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of rural policies, plans of colonization and agricultural development programs
  • conduct research and studies to find answers to the various problems that arise in agriculture and
  • teaching at different levels of the system.
The role of the organisation in the project

UNCO is a full partner and target organization of the EDULIVE project. UNCO leads WP3, in which the designs for trainings of university lecturers from all Argentinian and Peruvian partner universities are up-dated and the trainings are prepared. As one of the EDULIVE target organizations, UNCO is involved in all other work packages. In WP1, UNCO is target of the stakeholder consultation on study programs, but also provides feedback to Peruvian universities. During WP2, UNCO uses its contacts to the livestock sector at large to contribute to the establishment of cooperation mechanisms. UNCO lecturers are target of WP4, but UNCO will also share their experience in teaching with other Argentinian and Peruvian partner universities. In WP5 and WP7, UNCO will cooperate with the livestock sector partners in higher education. UNCO is involved in the evaluation of new mechanisms and activities implemented by the EDULIVE project (WP6 and WP8), sharing the experience of a target organization.


Universidad Nacional del Comahue – Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias | Ruta 151 – C.C. 85 | Cinco Saltos | Río Negro | Argentina
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Ing. Agr. (Mg) Irma Graciela Nievas

FACA-UNCO – Facultad de Ciencias Agrariar – Universidad Nacional del Comahue


 Ing. Agr. Leandro Girardin

Academic Secretary
FACA-UNCO – Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias – Universidad Nacional del Comahue


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Med. Vet. (Dr) Victor Hugo Medina

FACA-UNCO – Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias – Universidad Nacional del Comahue


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