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As you can see, the project website is ready and online. The web agency Agentur pangenial – Anna Schöber did a great job. Together with the programming service by dsenjo we could set up a page that meets our interests and taste – thank you! The contents are being completed and uploaded on a regular basis from now on to provide you with insight information on project idea and background, partners, project progress as well as an extensive media library and download/press material. Take a look around and subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss exciting news.

Here’s where to find information on this website:

In the menu you find:

  • everything about the project EDULIVE – the idea, its background, value and innovative character as well as figures and facts.
  • in depth information on all of the project members, an overview of them on a world map and detailed profiles with descriptions of their work, contact details of the people active in our project, photos, links, image brochures etc.
  • a news section with interesting posts on a regular basis in our Blog, a calendar with events and steps of the project, a list of links to events and activities worldwide related to animal science in Europe, Peru or Argentina – for example international congress of animal science, the biggest alpaka fair in Peru etc. If you happen to take part in or know of an interesting topic that would fit in this list, just drop us an email with information on the event/activity and the link. On the right side you can find blog posts filtered by date published or topics included (tags).
  • the broad media section with a gallery of recent photo uploads and recent download material. Scroll down for photo galleries of project meetings, travels, courses and all downloadable content.
  • For our project partners, there is the login section for the internal platform of data exchange.
  • the contact form – your way of communication. We are happy to receive your feedback, question or contribution. In case you are having any troubles like techincal issues with the website or with understanding the content, also just send us a quick message via the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • above the project logo you find links to our social media profiles – take a look, give us a like, comment and/or share our posts, photos, videos, events. We are looking forward to seeing you over there as well.
  • are you lost? Looking for something in particular? Just click the project logo to get back to the home page and start over, use the search function (symbol to the right of the menu, on bottom of home page) or try clicking on categories and tags (in the brown section on the bottom of the website, on the news page etc.), these work like keywords and should be self-explanatory.

We are happy to have you here, step by soon. Stay tuned for more exciting news on the project EDULIVE and animal science in general.

Also visit our brand-new Facebook-Page, if you like it – click the button. Thank you for your interest and support.


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