basics first: about the project

The website and social media channels are up and running, photos are looking great and pages or posts are stuffed with news. But I want to take a quick moment to get back to the basics: What is this project EDULIVE, what is the idea behind it, what happened so far, what do we want to achieve and HOW?

Simply navigate to the pages about edulive to get an idea of what the project is all about. You also find the hard facts there for the most important info at a glance.

Check out our calendar (also in the left upper corner on the news page) to see what has happened so far in the project.

For more visual content, browse through photo galleries and downloadable files on the media page.

Any questions? Visit our Facebook page, comment on this blog post or send an email via the contact form.

We are very glad to have you here. Thank you for your interest and time and step by again soon.



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