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Universidad Complutense de Madrid – UCM
Aims and activities of the organisation

The UCM-Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Latin: Universitas Complutensis) is a public university located in Madrid, and one of the oldest universities in the world. Over 86,000 students are enrolled at the university, which consistently ranks as the top university in Spain. It is located on a sprawling campus that occupies an entire University Campus district – Ciudad Universitaria district of Madrid.

In the course of over seven centuries, the University of Madrid has provided invaluable contributions in the sciences, fine arts, and political leadership. Alumni include renowned philosophers (Jose Ortega y Gasset, Ignatius of Loyola, Thomas of Villanova), writers (Federico Garcia Lorca, Antonio de Nebrija, Pedro Calderon de la Barca), scientists (Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Severo Ochoa, Andres Manuel del Rio), historians (Juan de Mariana, Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda), military leaders (Don John of Austria, Alexander Farnese, Cardinal Cisneros), foreign leaders (Cardinal Mazarin, Jose Rizal), and Prime Minister of Spain for Queen Isabella II Luis González Bravo. In 1785, the University of Madrid became one of the first Universities in the world to grant a Doctorate degree to a female student. By Royal Decree of 1857, the University of Madrid was the only institution in Spain authorized to grant doctorates throughout the Spanish Empire.

In recent years, the roster of alumni comprises winners of the Nobel Prize (7), Prince of Asturias Awards (18), Miguel de Cervantes Prize (7), as well as European Commissioners, Presidents of the EU Parliament, European Council Secretary General, ECB Executive Board members, NATO Secretary General, UNESCO Director General, IMF Managing Director, and Heads of State. According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the university is widely regarded as the most prestigious academic institution in Spain.

The role of the organisation in the project

The UCM is a full partner of the EDULIVE consortium. UCM contributes experience in new teaching methodologies, well-established co-operations with private livestock sector stakeholders and overlapping areas of technical expertise with the Argentinian and Peruvian universities (milk, fibre). UCM is the lead organisation of WP6 to evaluate the activities and outputs realized by the EDULIVE project in the target countries. In WP1, UCM is part of the expert group and conducts on-site visits to all Argentinian and Peruvian partner universities and supports curricula development. In WP2, UCM supports the development of cooperation mechanisms between higher education and the livestock sector at large in Argentina and Peru. In WP3, UCM prepares the lecturers’ trainings as one of the European host organizations. In WP6 and WP8, UCM is part of the evaluation of new mechanisms and activities implemented by the EDULIVE project, providing technical input and sharing experiences from a European perspective.


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Juan Pablo Gutiérrez García

Full Professor
Department of Animal Production, UCM

MOSEVAR-Animal Selection and Genetic Evaluation Models, UCM

Computer Engineer
UNED-National University of Distance Education

Specialist Degree in Animal Breeding

Graduate and post-graduate
UCM, School of Veterinary Medicine

0034-91 394 3767

Dra. Isabel Cervantes Navarro

Doctor (temporary)
UCM-Universidad Complutense Madrid

Project Assistant

Dra. María Ángeles Pérez-Cabal

Full Professor
UCM-Universidad Complutense Madrid

Project Assistant

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